Black Nikka

Whisky ligger som brukligt är på kennel Thorsvi, till grund för valparnas namn. Tidigare har det varit skotska malt whisky destillerier (med två undantag: Single Malt och Mackmyra), men denna gång ville vi vara lite ”roligare”. Eftersom både pappa Will och mamma Kiwi har ordet Black (Blackbill resp Blackwood) i sina namn så tänkte vi att valparna får heta detta också, men med whiskyanknytning förstås.
Det visade sig finnas många att välja på! Black i whiskysammanhang innebär oftast att den är rökig eller sherrylagrad.

Black Nikka är en japansk whisky och finns som både single malt och blended.
Tillverkas på Yoichi Distillery i staden med samma namn på ön Hokkaido.
Systemet har två varianter av single malten, en i normalsortimentet och en i beställningssortimentet. En blended med samma namn kan köpas i olika webbutiker. eller

Masataka Taketsuru, seen as the father of Japanese whisky, was born in 1894 into a family that had been sake producers since 1733.
After training as a chemist, he was hired by an Osaka-based company, Settsu Shuzo, which was planning to produce a Japanese whisky. The young Taketsuru was therefore sent to Scotland in 1919 in order to acquire the necessary technical knowledge and a minimum of experience. He studied at Glasgow University, also learning about the art of blending and distilling. He quickly became passionate about this Celtic spirit, and decided to devote his life to it. His dream was to create a malt distillery in Japan.
When he returned to Japan in 1920, he realised that the project for which he had been recruited was not going to see the light of day. And, following the 1922 stock market crash, he lost his job. A year later, he joined the Kotobukiya group, for which he built a distillery close to Kyoto. This is how he became the father of the very first Japanese whisky in 1924.
In 1934, he decided to strike out on his own. Masataka Taketsuru remembered from his experience in Scotland that the environment was essential for producing a quality whisky.
He was a visionary who created the company Nippo Kaju and undertook the construction of the Yoichi distillery on Hokkaido. In 1939, he began his first blends. War broke out, but this did not stop him from bringing out his first bottle in 1940. In 1952, the company definitively adopted the name Nikka Whisky.
His growing success enabled him to establish a second distillery in 1969 on the island of Honshu close to the city of Sendaï.
Masataka Taketsuru died ten years later, aged 85.

Nikka Pure Malt Black (50cl, 43%)
This vatting of malts contains a high percentage of Yoichi, a peated single malt from teh eponymous distillery on the island of Hokkaido. This confident Nikka takes its sweet fruitiness from the Red, and its peaty notes from the Black pure malt versions.
Dark gold with amber highlights.
Rich and fine, with strong notes of spice (pepper), ripe fruit (mirabelle and peach), and citrus fruit zest. Smoke and black chocolate aromas develop.
Lively and very spicy. Ripe fruit (prune) jam. Liquoricey, with a delicate peaty bitterness gradually developing. Long, with notes of honey, heather and sweet spices. There is an agreeable vegetal (chlorophyl) freshness with cindery notes adding extra length.









Black Nikka 8 years















Black Nikka 12 years (“Bearded Black”)
Topaz colour. Lively at first, then rapidly becoming milky (sweet almond), before developing along notes of undergrowth and marron glacé. A refreshing quality brings to mind a vanilla ice cream.
Heady and rich. If the strength of the palate is a change from the palate, there is the same autumnal character. Bitter chocolate and leather notes are also present. Spices (ginger and coriander) and delicately salty notes bring length.
Long and creamy. All the elements are in perfect harmony. The result: an exquisite malty and fruity sweetness firmly established by 42% of alcohol. Retro-olfaction reveals more black chocolate.






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